Krucial Clothing Co.


Krucial is a streetwear company based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. Many companies nowadays get caught up in the hype and claim to be a “movement” and a “lifestyle” when in reality they’re just like every other average brand. We’re neither. We’re not here to change the world nor try to invent some new way of living. We exist to provide creative, quality streetwear to please the everyday grinders. Whether you're in school or working that dead beat 9-5, we respect your grind. We're not going to pretend like we're anything we're not. We embrace being yourself and not getting caught up in the mainstream hype that everyone else is.

Along with the grinders, Krucial is also dedicated to the kids like us; the dreamers. The kids that always have their heads in the clouds. The kids who are always in their zone, spaced all the way out. The kids who lose track of reality when their headphones are in. The kids who let their imagination take them into a world of their own. The kids who aren’t of this planet. The night owls who grind from midnight to 3 a.m. while everyone else is asleep (The night owl gets the worm, by the way).

As a whole, Krucial represents imagination, dreaming, and individuality— much of which you will find throughout our work. We realize that not everyone will understand this concept and that is perfectly fine with us. We are here for the ones who will truly appreciate the thought, art, and grind behind our apparel.

Take Flight x Dream On

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